Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dine About Town 2007, Part Two: Fringale

I know what you're thinking: "Liar, liar, pants on fire! You said you were done eating out this year!"

I know. You're right. But the beau took me out this last Friday with a group of friends, and because he paid, I am still "technically" within my budget for 2007!

Honestly though, I am still serious about keeping a semblance of a budget, and unfortunately, my weak attempt at being money-wise seems like a token effort.


It is the times when I am looking at my seven-page credit card bill or the mountain range of restaurant receipts piled up on my bed sheets that I vow to secure a well-paying corporate job at Microsoft as Bill Gates' personal assistant (where I could at least get my meals comped) or to be the next Asian Oprah Winfrey. Or even Judge Judy! I heard that woman rakes in substantial dough.

Thankfully, I was given a "get out of debt for a night" card for the night, and I was able to enjoy a wonderful meal at Fringale with a close group of friends.

Since Zileel, one of our friends, already posted a wonderful description of the evening and the food from that night, I'll just direct you to her blog for the details and keep my post to a minimum! In other words, I am just going to post pictures and the names of the dishes from the menu!

The beau and I each enjoyed the three-course
Dine About Town menu of the evening, which included a first course of either:

A chilled beet salad with chevre, or

sautéed prawns in pastis with sun-dried tomatoes

The second course included a choice between:

Lamb osso bucco daube on a bed of mixed root vegetables, or

Steamed Petrale sole served with spinach and mashed potatoes in champagne beurre blanc

Finally, the dessert included either:

The hazelnut roasted almond mousse cake, or

A warm chocolate gourmand with seasonal berries

So readers, will you help me to cook more at home and keep to a reasonable budget? I hope you will! My wallet needs time to recuperate from being a
passionate eater!


  1. Aw, PE, you could kick Oprah's big fat fanny!
    OK, Cranky and I know how to help you to cook more at home: Post recipes! We loved learning how to make Ma Po Tofu and Fried Rice from you. Cheap eats, and killer tasty.

  2. Yay! PE, I'm glad you're not done eating out for the rest of the year. I knew you had to just be teasing us :)

    These are crazy mouth-watering pictures. And so very colorful.

    I think cookiecrumb's right. Posting some recipes (with pictures of the end product!) would be awesome.

  3. wow, these dishes are plated so elaborately! i feel like i haven't seen that in awhile.

  4. Best wishes you all, from Istanbul :)

  5. Thanks PE! Haha at least your fotos does the food justice...unlike mine! :)

  6. my mouth is watering...no fair!!!

  7. I thought I typed you a long comment but it went missing? Anyway, Fringale was one of my fav restaurants, one reason being that it's steps away from my old company.

    For saving money, try cooking my homey recipes...since I started my blog, I have dined out a lot less as I am always busy cooking. ;)


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