Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Forget the Jell-O Molds!

Guess what these are?

Give up? They're Chinese moon cake molds! I received them as a wonderful gift from my sweet and generous friend and can't wait to use them!

Plus, these molds will come in handy because I'll need lots of cake and pints of melted chunky monkey to get over my latest heartbreak by my "once future husband," Mayor Gavin Newsom. If you haven't heard, the Mayor of San Francisco is embroiled in a disgraceful sex scandal:
he engaged in an extramarital affair with the wife of his campaign manager!

You are a moral abomination Gavin! . . . But, will you still be the father of my babies? Unfortunately, for die-hard Newsom fans, I'm sure this only contributes to his political appeal.
Err, not that I am speaking from experience or anything. . .


  1. Hahaha way to bring in current political scandals and integrate them with food :)

    Seriously, though, when is San Francisco going to get a real mayor? You know, one who does something other than drunkenly pose for photo shoots in North Beach?

  2. those are beautiful molds! i love mooncakes. how fun you'll get to make them yourself.

  3. I can't wait until you make mooncakes with those molds! Although, please wash before using. I got them from Chinatown so perhaps you'll need to wash them more than once...just like the heart of Gavin.

  4. What BEAUTIFUL molds! Food is fun but food with fantastic presentation makes that much more of a difference.

    A moral abomination but still a dish. Le sigh.

    Love your blog!

  5. You're right Eric, the Gav-ster needs to lay off the bottle a little!

    I am really excited and can't wait to use them Pink Nest!

    He is the studliest mayor in the U.S. Chubby Panda! Unfortunately, he may also be the most perverted.

    I will be making them soon Jinerous! Well, if "soon" means after this month when I get back from Southern California. Thank you again for the REALLY thoughtful gift.

    You are so sweet Michaela! And I agree with you about the presentation, and that Gavin is a "dish!"

  6. I haven't seen any mooncake molds here, this is first, lovely !! :) By the way, wishing you a prosperous, wonderful CNY, cheers ! :)

  7. Thank you, I am excited about using them Melting Wok!


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