Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rehashing My Tirade Against One Market

I don't really feel like talking about One Market again, but I just thought I would update everyone on what happened the day after we ate there. After exchanging emails with all of my friends who came to lunch (see email exchange below), I called the restaurant manager and he confirmed with me that our lunch party was "indeed overlooked with regards to the sides for the skate."

He said he would call me back, but given that it is already Tuesday, I am not holding my breath.

Well, some good has come out of my earlier post. One of my friends whose company regularly frequents One Market is encouraging her company to boycott One Market and has successfully dissuaded her colleagues from patronizing One Market and Roy's at least one time this week.

I too have my own boycott goin' on, but people who work at my "company" can't really afford to go there anyway, so the my boycott might not have as much influence or impact on Roy's and One Market as I'd like to think.

Well, if you are interested, enjoy the emails below, where I definitely rehash my tirade against One Market.


From: [Passionate Eater]
Sent: Friday, January 26, 2007 3:39 PM
To: [Friend A]; [Friend B]; [Friend C]; [Friend D]
Subject: Vindication! Against One Mkt!
Sensitivity: Private

[About our lunch together at One Market last week:]

. . .

[Friend A] and I were talking on Thurs about how it was odd that the skate wing came without any sides or even garnish. However, we eventually dismissed it as being no big deal and thought that since [Friend C]'s chicken dish had only chicken, that the skate would have only skate. (Maybe One Market regularly serves the main dishes without the sides.) Well, later in the evening, I looked on Yelp, and discovered to my utter dismay that the meal was actually supposed to come with spinach and mashed potatoes. See the post for more details: http://passionateeater.blogspot.com/2007/01/dine-about-town-2007-part-three-one.html
It really irked me that they treated us unequally. Someone else who had the same exact DAT lunch menu was served differently. I know there are going to be inconsistencies in the things they serve and that sometimes they run out of things, but they are not going to run out of potatoes and spinach.

. . . [Later, after talking with everyone who went to lunch,], we then discovered that there were a lot of things that each of us individually dismissed as being not a big deal. When adding all of our complaints up, it became a very BIG deal.

First, [the consensus was that] the food tasted pretty nasty. The chicken [Friend C] had and the pasta that [Friend D] had were both "overly" salty. Also, both [Friend A], [Friend D], and I agreed that the dishes that came with bacon didn’t really come with bacon as we regularly know it, but their bacon was these substantial, gross, coagulated hunks of straight-up fat. Just fat. No meat. Also, the pasta was overpowered with the strange taste of "earth." Remember when we were kids and used to put sand or soil in our mouths? Like that! It tasted "like dirt" or "the weird taste of moldy grapes." [The skate tasted like a dried-up Gordon's fish stick that had been microwaved too long, and the sauce was nothing special.]

Second, [Friend D] noticed that he was kinda rude to us. . . When our entire table just ordered water, our server didn't seem to like that. He also gave the "eyebrow lift" to us, on at least one occasion, just as he was turning away from our table. Also, he slammed the Ginger Ale on the table, and took a really long time bringing it out. But worst of all, did any of you notice that the service was really slow, and we were being served our dessert after the dining room was almost cleared of the patrons?



From: [Friend D]
Sent: Friday, January 26, 2007 3:48 PM
To: [Passionate Eater]
Subject: RE: Vindication! Against One Mkt!
Sensitivity: Private

[Passionate Eater],

I am seriously tempted to write a letter to the manager with this story. I don't expect (nor do I really want) to get anything out of it, I just think s/he might want to know that we noticed, and that they probably should not participate in DAT next year.

Unfortunately, I think my DAT days are over. I'd rather save my money for restaurants I really want to try and then order exactly what I want.

Too bad!


From: [Friend C]
Sent: Friday, January 26, 2007 3:57 PM
To: [Passionate Eater]; [Friend D]; [Friend B]; [Friend A]
Subject: RE: Vindication! Against One Mkt!
Sensitivity: Private

Agreed. It would take some convincing to set foot into another DAT meal. And wild horses would not drag me back to One Market.


  1. I gotta love it! I've recently had to deal with my own problematic restaurant. You've got the whole trail!!!

  2. Power to the people! Power to the people, right on!

  3. i'm glad you published these emails. Now I can show them to my colleagues as a further testimony to why we should boycott these restaurants. With the gazillions of excellent places to dine in SF, I highly doubt that the absence of One Market or Roy's will put a dent in my stomach. I hardly miss it at all.

  4. Thanks for being so supportive on this intense topic Kirk K, Elmo Monster, and Jinerous. You seriously are my blogging heroes because of how much encouragement you give me.


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