Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Internet Food Deals of the Week

After getting a little rest after that last monster post, I just wanted to share this week's good internet food deals:


  1. My dear friend, I just gave you a Kreative Blooger awaerd!!! Yes, you derve it!! Chek out my blog!! www.sophiesfoodiefiles.blogspot.com
    & you can Copy & paste your award in your foodblog!!! I also got one 2 days ago from Zerrin!

  2. Thank you so much Sophie, it is an honor to receive the award from you!

  3. yes, this salad is umami heaven

    neki desu

  4. here's a good deal for your readers


  5. Thank you Neki Desu, the addition of cheese and the ocean-kissed olives make it wonderfully umami!

    Thank you so much Alex, I just updated the post!


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