Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Internet Food Deals of the Week

Here are good deals that I found for this week, feel free to check them out:
Also, for you home cooks, here are some deals on kitchen appliances:
And the economy is bad, and I know many of you are diligently looking for employment, so here is one final deal that might strike your fancy:


  1. FREE pretzal coupon at the mall.. I LOVE you!! OH, BTW, please go reread my Inside Out BLT post, there is kielbasa and "other" info in there AND there is a Shout Out to you my dear friend,, go read through, all the way to the bottom, no Skimming..your name IS there in conjuction with the kielbasa.. go read, just no pics..Thanks for the deals!

  2. Love the free mocha. Thanks for the info!

  3. You're very welcome for the deals, Donna-FFW and LisaIsCooking!


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