Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ka-Pow Salad!

This is my special "ka-pow salad."

When I say, "ka-pow," I am referring to the tremendous, unstoppable force that knocks an evildoer or villain to the floor, while simultaneously causing the sudden appearance of a spiky yellow cartoon bubble with large block Lichtenstein font that reads, "KA-POW!"

Yeah, this salad is pretty special in my mind.

I previously posted about how I "need" my salad to be a protein and dressing bonanza. This salad is sort of an exception, because the only protein present is a few paper-thin shavings of intensely-flavored dry pecorino romano cheese and a supple soft-boiled egg. Also, there is no real dressing, but rather a light drizzling of balsamic vinegar and the dust of freshly crushed black peppercorns.

But it is still "ka-pow" in the utmost sense.

What I love best about this salad, is penetrating the luxurious egg and allowing the molten yellow yolk to spill forth, and watching it cascade over and coat the surrounding nest of verdant spinach leaves. I love taking a bite of the salad and discovering I hit the umami jackpot either with a joltingly salty bite of Syrian green olive or of pecorino romano cheese. I also love the subtle sweetness of the blood orange and its deep crimson hue, which stains the green spinach leaves and the salad plate.

There is no real recipe for you today though. Just a few images and words with a hope that they will inspire you to gussy up your salads with special ingredients that do a one-two "ka-pow" on your tastebuds, like a soft-boiled egg, segments of blood orange, shavings of dry pecorino romano, or ocean-kissed Syrian green olives.


  1. You have THE most awesome way with words. Really. They are just so descriptive and almostsoothing. I love to read your posts.

  2. Beautiful! Mouth watering Beautiful! I can't wait to recreate!

  3. Ka-Pow!

    Your photos are beautiful, your writing is elegant, your commentary is descriptive and hilarious. I love it!

  4. haha, no bullshit, just pure ka-pow. nice job on the egg too, reminds me of ramen eggs in japan, with that molten lava consistency.

  5. That looks beautiful! I ate a blood orange today that was just as dark as the one in your picture - it was delicious :)

  6. Any tricks to make the perfect soft boiled egg - I never get the perfect ones... :(

  7. Wonderful! What a gorgeous salad!



  8. Donna-FFW, I love to read your posts too, but I end up laughing so hard that my sides hurt and sometimes laughing myself into incontinence problems!

    Thank you Chez US, after I made the salad, I wished I had added some beets!

    That salad definitely "ka-powwed" me into a stupor, I love eggs and cheese Christina Kim!

    I definitely was aiming for the ramen-esque egg EatDrinkNBMerry, so you are spot on!

    The blood orange was so juicy and delicious Sara, and I think this picture doesn't do it justice at all!

    Thank you Jennifer, salads can be so delicious and easy at the same time!

    Camila, I put the eggs in already boiled water, and allow the eggs to boil for about three to five minutes. Then, I ran the eggs under water immediately. For hard boiled eggs, I put the eggs in the water and then bring them to a boil, and wait five to ten minutes.

    Thank you Rosa's Yummy Yums!

  9. oh yes, i would say "ka-pow!" also. i'd also maybe do a side kick into the bowl just for effect. you make me laugh!

    as for this salad, it looks like spring on a plate. i'd swap the spinach for arugula, but that's cause i love the pepperiness of arugula. that egg is O-O-C (out of control).

  10. We feel the spirit of ka-pow. It's coming across strong!

  11. This salad is a gorgeous reminder to increase my intake of leafy green vegetables. That blood orange looks luscious.

    P.S. I used your "Working Eater" enchiladas recipe with some modifications, they were great! Thanks for the recipe, will definitely be making those again.

  12. MMMMM... what a lovely salad!!! You can show off your Kreativ Blogger award!! Just Copy & Paste it into your foodblog, my dear friend!!

  13. Haha, I love the "kicking" idea, but I am afraid that that might knock my salad to the floor We Are Never Full! But I would eat it off the floor too, actually.

    Yes, the spirit is all-powerful and all-delicious The Duo Dishes!

    I am so glad that it worked for you OrangeHennesey, it was just my bastardized recipe!

    I will be putting up the award soon Sophie, thank you again!

  14. Sounds delicious, and the egg looks perfect!

  15. I love oozing, gooey egg LisaIsCooking!

  16. Great looking salad! (You don't get to say that too often.)

    I am going to have incorporate "ka-pow" into my regular vocabulary. People just don't say it enough.

  17. That salad looks nice and light and good!

  18. Wow! This salad looks so simple yet so pretty!

  19. I agree that "ka-pow" (and "boo-ya") should be incorporated into our everyday vocabulary Sara!

    It was both light and delectable Kevin!

    Yes, simple and pretty and how I love salads Taste Tester!

  20. Fancy! Looks like a salad from a four-star San Francisco restaurant.

  21. Thank you so much Carolyn Jung, you are too kind!


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