Friday, March 13, 2009

... I Am ... A Terrible Procrastinator

Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking, "Where the fuzz have you been?"

I've been a little busy, but happy to be back blogging! I have many old posts in the pipeline (such as two posts on steak dinners in NYC and SF, the rest of my pictures from my European honeymoon in November 2008, and etc. and etc.), but I actually have even older business to take care of! The other day, when cleaning out the hard drive of my "dead" laptop, I found these outdated, half-completed answers to two memes dutifully written up by Melinda and the Foodhoe. OMG, I am so sorry Melinda and Foodhoe, here are my answers, a few years late!

First, I am going to respond to Foodhoe's meme, which asks for my ten favorite food pictures of all time. I actually limited my meme answer to pictures taken after I permanently changed my post format to feature larger, watermarked pictures. Check out Tastespotting and Foodgawker to see some of my other "better" pictures. Here goes, my favorite pictures:

1. Sun-Kissed In-N-Out Burger from Southern California, from Why I Miss Summer in Southern California

2. A Freshly Fried Oyster and Catfish Po' Boy from Getting Dressed (Po' Boys) at Domilise's

3. Steaming Bowl of Chinese Beef Noodle Soup (Niu Row Mein) from The Beau's Three Favorite Words

4. Refreshing Vietnamese Fresh Summer/Spring Roll (Goi Cuon) from Fresh Summer Rolls (Goi Cuon)

5. Hearty Oxtail Stew with Tomatoes, Celery, Carrots, and Potatoes from Therapeutic Cooking #2: Warming Winter Soup on a Budget

6. Glistening Pieces of Raw Okra from Hearty Gumbo with Shrimp, Andouille, and Okra

7. Evian Quality Water from a Public Fountain in Zurich from H. Schwarzenbach Kolonialwaren & Kaffeerösterei

8. A Warm Grill-Marked Panini with Eggplant and Stringy Mozzarella from Working Eater Series: Mozzarella and Eggplant Panini Sandwiches

9. Mountain of Airy Chocolate Ganache-Filled Macaroons from Confiserie Sprüngli

10. Sausage Links at the Zurich Farmers Market from Farmers Market in Zurich's Central Train Station

Second, Melinda asked me to reveal seven interesting facts about myself. I actually already revealed ten really interesting facts already, so check out my previous post for the "really intense" details about me. I also previously revealed five, less interesting facts. Nevertheless, here are seven more facts, which are not as good, but at least I "tried!"

1. I crashed our family car into our home, breaking down the living room wall, when I was about ten years old. Hey, kids will be kids!

2. My husband is the most forgiving person ever. When we first started dating, he bought me a $800 brand-new point and shoot digital camera. Before that, I didn't have one. However, I lost it (including all the accessories) one week after receiving it at the Chinese Cultural Center in El Monte, California (if you are the thief, then give it back). My husband (then boyfriend), bought me a new one the following year. I know, I know. But hey, don't judge!

3. I rarely wear my wedding ring, for fear of losing it. See the answer to #2, for why.

4. My biggest celebrity idols are Keanu Reeves (early days, only) and Angelina Jolie. Thus, I am not a fan of good acting (because of Keanu), Gwyneth Paltrow, or Jennifer Aniston (because of Angelina).

5. I watched my first rated-R movie when I was six. . . . I said don't judge!

6. I never learned how to swim--but I lived in Arizona, so that figures. Please don't throw me into even a shallow pool. Please.

7. Unlike 99% of the rest of the "sane" female population, I diligently watch SportsCenter, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, and the World Series of Poker Tournaments because of my husband... And I even waited in line on opening day for the Star Trek ride in the Las Vegas Hilton!

I'm actually starting to like poker. But the fact that I continue to watch Heroes is simply insane. That show sucks the big one. The storyline has basically been in the crapper for the past three seasons. But I have my own little triumphs: he watches Sex in the City, Lost, and Prison Break because of me! What can I say, we love T.V.

Since these memes are so old because of my slothfulness, I'm not going to tag anyone outright. If you'd like, leave a comment and I will tag you!

Also, to round out this post, here are two wonderful awards recently bestowed upon me by my food blogging friends. The Kreativ Blogger award comes from Donna-FFW and Sophie, two highly "creative" bloggers, and the E for Excellence award comes from Taste Memory, a most "excellent" blogger!

I would like to give the E for Excellence award to:

Cooking with the Single Guy - Chef Ben's blog appeals to everyone. He takes haute cuisine and makes it accessible to people everywhere, from writing great recipes and restaurant reviews, to providing recaps on food reality shows, he does it all well.
Foodhoe's Foraging - Foodhoe elevates food to an artform. I love her amazingly written restaurant reviews, insider details to food events in the City, and down-to-earth and sweet demeanor.
Melinda's Kitchen Diary - Melinda's baking skill is really incredible, and her step-by-step instructions and stories are heartwarming and welcoming. Her beautiful personality shines through her blog.
Mmm-Yoso!!! - Kirk set the standard for excellent food blogs with his blog, and continues to post great original content and encourage new food bloggers with his kindness and generosity.
Monster Munching - Elmo's beautiful food writing is the best in the food blogosphere. His words literally transport you to experience his experiences, and taste what he is tasting. He should be awarded a Pulitzer!
My Tasty Treasures - Donna's "tasty treasures" (delicious recipes) are always served up with a generous helping of humor, fun, and vivaciousness. I have never seen a blog like hers, she is one in a million.
Sophie's Food Files - I adore her unique recipes and learning about new ingredients from Sophie. She has so much to teach because she is a very knowledgeable and skilled cook.

I would like to give the Kreativ Blogger award to:

Chow Times - Ben and Suanne put a lot of effort to write and photograph great recipes and travel stories. Their effort is clearly seen on their marvelous blog.
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry - EDNBM is a fun-loving, skilled, and adventurous food blogger, who is just like Anthony Bourdain, but much, much better in every way!
The Epicurious Wanderer - Chubbypanda is bursting with knowledge about culture and food. His intellect is very impressive, and his sweet personality is even more impressive.
The Food Pornographer - TFP's pictures and honesty are so refreshing, and her blog shows her love for her family and partner, and newfound love of bento boxes!
Taste Memory - Ingar's compelling stories can bring tears to my eyes. Also, her mouthwatering pictures and stunning descriptions of food can make me melt into a puddle of desire. She is a wonderfully creative and beautiful blogger.
Wandering Chopsticks - WC is one of the most inspirational bloggers out there. She definitely is a food blogger friend for life. I love her original recipes, and her love for Vietnamese culture and food. She should be hired by Food Network because she loves teaching others about Vietnamese food and she is the most qualified Vietnamese cook on the blogosphere.
White on Rice Couple - Todd and Diane give a new meaning to "power food bloggers," for they do it all including twittering, video editing, cocktail mixing, banh mi tasting, entertaining, and even gardening. And they always post great content on their blog. Simply incredible.

Finally, I have heard some mixed thoughts by readers about the new "Internet Food Deals of the Week" feature. What are your thoughts?


  1. OOOOOHHHH passoinate eater, Thank you so much!!!!! This means the world to me!!!I will copy & paste it into my foodblog!! Thaks for your kind words!!! What do i have to do now??? Think & pass it on to other bloggers? How many?
    That is so nice of you!!!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am going to post this on my blog with my next post. I will be copying and pasting it in my sidebar today sometime. Thank you!! You made my morning:) Now, about the poker, are you talking strip? And are those sausage pics just for my admiration? LOVE this post with all the pics. YOU are the best!

  3. Great food, cool meme and congrats on the awards!



  4. Those are some great food pictures! I'm getting hungry now... :)

  5. Thanks so much for the award ... it was so unexpected and coming from you, we are so honored!

  6. Don't feel bad. I can't swim, either. Neither can my husband. We wish we could. And I was even on a rowing team for years. But my team-mates knew to dive in after me if something happened. ;)

  7. Awww... Thanks PE! A belated congratulations! The two of you are such a sweet couple, I know you'll be very happy together.

  8. Thank you for the excellent award. I will try to live up to it's high standard!
    How kind you are!

    It was so long ago that I tagged you, I had forgotten all about it. I don't mind doing the memes, but dislike the tagging 20 other blogger friends. Why isn't just one, ever good enough? I think I chose you because you had not been blogging very much. That pesky ole wedding planning was getting in the way of your blogging!
    I have just one question. Well, I have loads of questions that need answers, but I will only ask you one this time!
    Why were you driving the car at ten... had you gone out for more beer? haha
    Boy, I bet you got grounded like forever! So funny.
    Cheers, thanks again for the lovely award.

  9. Thanks PE for the E award! But really, it was just an honor to be nominated in the company of such well-deserved nominees. ;-)

  10. PE, me too (about the procrastination)... You sure have been busy! I love all of your photos they are all so very droolworthy! Those dang games of tag end up being so labor intensive - thanks for being a sport. And thanks for the big E!! A lovely badge that is such an honor for us hungry people...

  11. Thanks sweetie. You're much too nice.

    I can't swim either. And I definitely wasn't driving at 10. Were you grounded for life?

  12. Hi PE - Thank you, you always manage to bighten up my days with your positive and fun posts and comments. As always, you are too kind!

  13. That is some nice looking food!

  14. Those are great pics. Thanks for that okra...mmmmm!

  15. I think it may be five or seven other bloggers Sophie, but feel free to pass it on to whoever you would like!

    You are very welcome Donna-FFW!

    Thank you so much Rosa's Yummy Yums!

    I get hungry looking at your pictures all the time Sara!

    You are welcome Ben!

    Wow, on a rowing team, huh! That is quite impressive Carolyn Jung, even if you don't know how to swim, you are a master of the water!

    Thank you Chubbypanda, I appreciate your kind words!

    My sister let me "try" Melinda, because dad let her try when she was eight-years-old! So I nagged her until I got my way, and then I realized I didn't know the difference between the gas and brake pedal until it was too late! And thankfully, I wasn't grounded, but my sister was!

    You're welcome Chef Ben!

    Sorry about my belated response Foodhoe, I just realized that I have one more leftover award that I forgot about, so I'll be posting about that soon (or later)!

    You're welcome Wandering Chopsticks, and thankfully, I was NOT grounded! Just yelled at.

    No problem KirkK, the feeling is definitely mutual!

    Yes, those are my favorite pictures Kevin, thank you!

    I adore okra, and expect to see a recipe up soon on your blog The Duo Dishes!

  16. Great photos! And I love how you are honoring fellow bloggers :)

    I dream of in and out burgers from time to time.... hehe.

  17. So does the fact that I love Star Trek and I am also female make me "insane"? I own every season of TNG on DVD. Can't wait for the new prequel out in May directed by JJ Abrams. I also dragged my poor hubby to Star Trek:The Experience at the LV Hilton. We even spent the extra money to go on the backstage tour and to take photos - me on the bridge of the enterprise, he in the Borg regeneration tank.

  18. Your lesser of the better pictures look great. Thanks for the plethora of compliments. We're blushing. We're with Donna, strip poker is a-ok!

  19. Thank you Ambitious, I dream of those burgers all the time!

    Not at all Phyllis, Star Trek is actually surprisingly good! But if you watched Heroes in addition, yes, you would be insane! ;) Like me!

    Strip poker, huh? I know what kind of couple you are, White on Rice Couple!

  20. Thank you THANK YOU thank you PE! I gratefully receive the *kreative blogger* award! And pleeasse accept my humblest apologies, am so sorry ~ i have been sooo away from things that I see that I have totally missed out on your dining + cooking adventures. I've missed you/your posts and totally look forward to getting back to real time.

    Thnx for sharing about being the 10year old behind the wheel + driving thru your living room *aghast!* how upsetting at the time + but now you can laff about it. yes do agree Keanu's acting skills are not what is important (earlier days that is) ~ so sweet n dangerous liaisons + point break!

    have happy day!


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